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Our Supply Partners understands the needs of the raw materials distrbutors, when you need stock, you need it now. We ensure that we have a solid volume of stock on hand in our warehouses so that we can supply you when time is critical.
The good suppliers with our experience in all aspects of the plastics raw materials industry, whether that is: technical advice, logistics, business operations and customer service. Our goal is to support you and your business to ensure your success.

Supply Chain Services
Innovative Solutions

An experience that DM Chemicals has in plenty and our customers are assured delivery of the right product at the right time. Smaller loads are consolidated through specialised operators in the field. Just in time deliveries in the western province of Saudi Arabia are our speciality. We will serve all the kingdom cities as well

Custom Services (Door to Door)

DM Chemicals is a specialist gateway logistics service provider handling all aspects of importation and exportation, gateway customs clearance and compliance, warehousing, break bulk and onward delivery. 

Simply we offer a door to door services for any of  your purchases from any factory around the world to your factory warehouse with a minimum fees.

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